Saturday, January 10, 2009


Weight loss this week: 2.8 pounds
Weight loss to date: 4.4 pounds

I feel a bit like Bridget Jones here.

So my week went well. I found that preparing food the night before for the next day really helped me stay on track and made me less stressed throughout the day. Knowing that I eat when I'm stressed, this strategy has helped me take control of my situation and really stick to my weight loss plan.

I ran three days this week (with my new jog stroller, which I love!) and then did a Tae-Bo (yes, I admit it...I still own a Tae-Bo video from the 90's) workout on Friday. That last workout was the best. Elizabeth joined me and did her best to keep up. She looked hilarious trying to do all of the kickboxing moves she saw on the TV. A bit like how Phoebe runs on "Friends." It made the workout so much more enjoyable for me, plus now I have an exercise partner. Who knew!

Knowing that I would have to blog about this also helped me stay on track. Thank you to all of you who are reading my blog and have left encouraging remarks. I truly value them!

I've made a new long term goal to purchase a pair of designer jeans when I have reached my 31.6 pounds, which is now only 27.2 pounds away!

Here's to another great week!

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Jenny Spence said...

Way to go, Robyn! I'm proud of you, and of Elizabeth for joining you!

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