Sunday, August 1, 2010


For the past 5 days the Liskeys have been homeless. It started out as just a one day thing. Our contractors are scraping our ceilings, and on Tuesday night they said, "Well, you might not want to be here tomorrow with all of the dust flying around." So I packed a few things and headed down to my mom and dad's. Tomorrow turned into the next day, which turned into the next day, which turned into the next day. On Saturday, after 3 days of finding stuff in Orange County to keep the kids out of the house, we got smart and headed down to San Diego to take the kids to San Diego. Tonight we are back in our house, but it is still a mess with dust still everywhere and everything we own being in trashbags in our front room. It's seriously like we're moving. But there's no new house to go to.

The kids have been troopers, but after 4 nights of sleeping in other people's beds, they are ready to be in their own beds. They are sleep-deprived, over-tired, and melting as the days go on.

So it's time to get creative. Today I remembered an old episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight (don't hate me, but I like her as a mom) where they camped out in their backyard with the whole nine yards: tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and smores. So tonight, that's what we're doing. We'll be camping out in our big backyard. Hopefully, this latest solution will get us some sleep and hold us over until our house is back in order. We'll see.

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