Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Best of 2008

I saw this idea on a new friend's blog. I loved it, so here's mine.
The Best of 2008
2. Baking Valentine's cookies and delivering them to Elizabeth's (and my) friends.

4. Dedicating Will to the Lord on Father's Day.

5. A summer at home getting used to having 2 kids.
6. Going to Disneyland with a two year old.

7. Celebrating the 4th of July with my little firecrackers!

8. Potty training Elizabeth!

9. Enrolling Elizabeth in dance class and watching her become a part of a class.

10. Watching my husband live out his lifelong dream of coaching on the floor of Pauley Pavilion.

11. Planning and throwing a huge surprise 40th birthday party for my husband! Happy Birthday Babe!

12. Celebrating Thanksgiving with family from near and far.

13. Watching my kids get into Christmas.

14. Going for walks with my kids.
15. Watching God continue to work in myself, my marriage, and my family.

All glory to our Heavenly Father for a wonderful 2008. Despite the difficult times that so many of us are experiencing, He is good and able to do far beyond what our minds could ever imagine. Here's to a fabulous 2009!
P.S. I apologize for the formatting on this post. I've tried for an hour now to fix it, but I just can't get it right. Oh well. Enjoy the maze!

Monday, December 29, 2008

If you give a man a bottle of tea...

Have you read those children's books entitled If You Give a Mouse a Cookie or If You Give a Pig a Pancake? Well, here is my version...also entitled What I Spent My Morning Doing.

If you give a man a bottle of tea, he's going to want it chilled.

So he'll put it in the freezer to chill quickly.

But then he'll forget about it.

And in the morning he'll find that the bottle has exploded in the freezer!

So then he'll try to clean it up (I really did appreciate that, Honey.)

Finally, he will come to you and tell you what has happened.

And then you'll go into the kitchen to inspect things for yourself.

You'll see that he has done a decent job of cleaning up, but that there are still some glass particles in the freezer.

So you'll grab a sponge and try to reach them.

But then you'll realize that you can't reach them because the freezer door doesn't open all the way because of the sliding glass door.

So you'll have to pull the refrigerator out so that you can open the freezer door all the way and clean up the mess from the exploded tea bottle.

While the refrigerator is pulled out, you'll look behind it and notice that the floor is extremely dusty (that would be six years of extremely dusty!)

So you'll get out the vaccuum and the mop and the 409 and clean it up until it is perfectly clean (because the Monica in you can't not let you do that!)

And then you'll push the refrigerator back in and try to remember what it is that started this whole mess.

Oh yeah, if you give a man a bottle of tea...

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Tonight I start my Christmas vacation. Tomorrow I will sleep in (at least until the kids wake me up), eat a leisurely breakfast (without worrying about spilling it while driving), play "Princess" with my daughter and her new Little People castle, and nurse my son whenever he wants (instead of listening to the pump drone on). Tomorrow I will not rush, I will not stress, I will simply enjoy being a stay at home mommy, at least for a few weeks. Tonight I start my Christmas vacation. And tonight I return to my blog. Welcome back to me!

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