Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting It

Today's sermon was sooo meant for me. Thank you, Lord, for the way you speak through our pastor right to my heart. It is days like today that remind me that I am your child and that you care so much about me.

So the message today was about choosing to glorify God despite your situation. Hello...did Pastor Tom read my blog last week or what?! The Israelites didn't do this. They wanted God to fix their situation, and then when He did, they glorified Saul, their new king, not Him, their eternal king. They didn't get it. And consequently (as I'm sure Pastor Tom will take us through in the next few weeks), they will pay the price for their narrow-sighted vision.

I want to get it. I want to be in a place where I can glorify God in whatever situation I am in. I want to be able to glorify the Lord whether I am working full time, part-time, or staying at home. I want to be able to glorify Him whether my children are obedient or not. I want to be able to glorify Him whether my husband is loving or not. I was there earlier this week, and then I let myself focus on my situation instead of on my loving Father. Today I was recharged, but I think the key is continually renewing my mind and focusing on Father.

I pray every night with Elizabeth that she and the new baby would come to know Jesus at an early age, that they would love and follow Him everyday of their lives, and that they would glorify His name in all that they do. I think I need to add myself to that prayer.

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