Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK. I'm frustrated. I've been working my butt off, sticking to my Weight Watchers plan, doing my exercise, being good. And nothing. Well, actually, not nothing. I gained a pound.

How is this possible?

I'm frustrated, and I want to give up. But more than that, I'm frustrated with this extra weight I'm lugging around, and that is my inspiration to stick with it. I know that this weight will not come off immediately. I know that I will not wake up tomorrow morning and look like Jennifer Aniston. I know that this is going to take work, and that work requires perseverance and patience. I know these things. I just needed to reiterate them this morning before I start my day again.

Thanks for listening to me vent.

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Jenny Spence said...

*hugs!* I know it can be frustrating as all get out to step on the scale and see the opposite of what you hoped for. If you haven't done this already, may I suggest you take your measurements weekly and chart them along side your weigh in? There are so many times that you might not go down in weight, or even go up a little, but you measurements may continue to slowly shrink... especially if you're exercising. This might help to keep you feeling more motivated. Good luck, Robyn!

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