Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sometimes the "ifs" don't work out. On Monday I was set to go back to work part-time "if" my job-share partner agreed it was okay. And although she was 95% sure that it was okay, on Tuesday I found out that "if" was not going to happen. So now I am returning to the full-time work force with a heavy heart and a tumultous stomach.

Sometimes the "ifs" do work out, though. None of this would even be possible "if" we couldn't find childcare for my daughter. And yesterday, we did. In one day we found two nannies who can watch Elizabeth for the whole week. (They will have different days, not that Elizabeth needs two nannies to watch her at the same time.)

So who's in charge of the "ifs"? Obviously, it's God. And although I don't understand His answer to the "ifs", I trust Him completely. Because with God, there are no "ifs".


Kathleen Lu said...

I can tell by your 3:51am post you have a lot on your plate! Your attitude is encouraging to us out there.

Sarah Markley said...

I am praying praying for you, dear. I know things will work out.

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