Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date with Mommy

Elizabeth and Daddy went on a date to see "Toy Story 3," so Will and I had a date as well. We went to South Coast Plaza, rode the escalator 2 times, hit a great sale at Pottery Barn, went on the carousel, and had lunch at the Corner Bakery. Both parties were entertained - a key ingredient for a good date.

As I sat next to my son and he ate his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I realized that he is already two. Two. Two years have passed since I gave birth to him and he entered our lives. I remember life before Will, when it was just Mike and Elizabeth and me, but I cannot imagine life without him. He is such a character right now, parroting everything he hears, running everywhere he goes, cracking himself up at who knows what. He literally brightens my day when I see him running towards me. It's sometimes the best part of my day.

Mike and I have been having regular date nights this summer, but date nights with kids are just as important. They make us focus on the other person and appreciate the little things about them. I'd love to hear your ideas about dates with kids. What do you do?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Here are the things I love about summer:

  • Sleeping till 7 am!

  • Being with my kids from when they wake up until they go to sleep

  • Playdates with great friends

  • Getting stuff done around the house

  • Bike rides with the family

  • Picnic lunches with the kids in their "fort"

  • Barbeque dinners outside

  • Date nights with my husband

  • Watching movies that come in from Netflix

  • Writing in my blog

  • Reading books I've waited until now to read

  • Catching up with girlfriends I dearly love

Happy Summer everyone!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elizabeth Singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

I have now tried for over an hour to post the video of Elizabeth singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to my blog, and I am sad to say I have been unsuccessful. So, I'll do the next best thing. Here is the link to the video on YouTube. (Hey, at least it got me to finally go on YouTube and sign up as a user!) Enjoy!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bruin Woods 2010

We spent our second week of summer at our all time favorite vacation spot...Bruin Woods! Now, as a Cal grad, I must state that my allegiances are always to my alma mater. However, when it comes to a fantastic, relaxing, and enjoyable family vacation, Bruin Woods takes the cake. We had a fabulous week of swimming, eating, and clapping (the 8 clap, that is). Elizabeth was in the Teddy Bears Group, and she had a wonderful time experiencing the freedom that Bruin Woods allowed her. She also performed in the family talent show by singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and totally stole the show (if I do say so myself!) Mike and I both noticed how much our kids had grown just in one week, socially and developmentally. Will started speaking in complete sentences and made friends with all of the student staffers. We felt so blessed to have these amazing UCLA students not just befriend, but seriously love on our kids and make them feel so special. This was our second year going, and we are so glad this has become a family tradition for us. What a great way to start the summer!

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